Stage Three HB™

ACCESS pioneered the Hard Bag category with the introduction of Stage Three in 2004 and we continue to define and refine it. Hard Bags are the best of both worlds—they combine the superior shock absorption of heavily padded bags with the solid hardshell protection of cases. In its third iteration, Stage Three HB takes the high-end Hard Bag to the masses. Beneath its boutique luggage-grade exterior lurks a composite shell that blends layers of HardCell high-density foam with HardCell single wall polymer panels. ACCESS Stage Three HB Hard Bags™—quality, value and protection that’s hard to beat.Stage Three HB Hard Bags feature 1200-denier exteriors, HardCell composite shells, short-nap plush interiors with nylon hardware abrasion guards, adjustable MicroBall foam neck supports, large zippered front pockets with multiple compartments, exclusive Brandit™ tuner pockets, removable, adjustable ergo-designed padded shoulder straps, reinforced pull-up and carry handles, heavy-duty zippers and pulls.

Guitar Measurement Key: Length of the guitar (L), Width of the upper bout (UB), Width of lower bout (LB), Body depth(BD).

Stage Three HB guitar bag
Electric Guitar
(L) 40.16" (UB) 11.42"
(LB) 14.37" (BD) 1.97"

Stage Three HB bass bag
Electric Bass
(L) 46.46" (UB) 11.61"
(LB) 15.35" (BD) 1.97"

for Gibson® ES-335® and similarly sized guitars
for Gibson® ES-335® and similarly sized guitars
(L) 43.31" (UB) 11.81"
(LB) 16.14" (BD) 3.15"
Stage Three HB Dreadnought Bag
Dreadnaught Acoustic
(L) 42.52" (UB) 12.99"
(LB) 16.54" (BD) 5.25"

Stage Three HB Small Body Acoustic Bag
Small-Body Acoustic
(L) 41.34" (UB) 11.42"
(LB) 15.35" (BD) 4.75"

Stage Three HB Banjo Bag
(L) 40.35"
(LB) 14.17" (BD) 4.5"

Stage Three HB Mandolin Bag
(L) 28.35" (UB) 7.48"
(LB) 11.02" (BD) 3.94"

Stage Three HB Ukulele Bag
(L) 25" (UB) 6.02"
(LB) 8.03" (BD) 2.76"

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