Stage One Cases

Stage One cases offer hard shell protection that's perfect for student guitarists and 'Weekend Warriors.'

Guitar Measurement Key: Length of the guitar (L), Width of the upper bout (UB),Waist (W) , Width of lower bout (LB), Body Length (BL), Body depth (BD).

Stage One electric case AC1EG1
Electric Guitar
(L) 41" (BL) 18.5"
(LB) 12.8" (BD) 2.5"

Stage One electric basscase AC1EB1
Electric Bass
(L) 47" (BL) 22.25"
(LB)13.2"  (BD) 2.5"

Stage One deadnaught case AC1DA1
Dreadnaught Acoustic
(L) 43.25" (UB) 11.8"
(W) 11.25 (BL) 20.25
(LB) 16" (BD) 5"

Stage One classical case AC1SA1
Small Body Acoustic
(L) 41" (UB) 11.25"
(W) 10 (BL) 20.25
(LB) 15.25" (BD) 4.5"

Stage One Fat boy AC1FS1
Fat Boy Case for Gibson® Les Paul® and similarly sized guitars
(L) 40.5" (UB) 9.5"
(W) 8.5 (LB) 13.6" (BD) 2.5

Stage One banjo case AC1BJ1
(L) 39.25" (UB)*
(LB) 13" (BD) 4.5"

Stage One mandolin case AC1MN1
(L) 27.75" (UB) 5.5"
(LB) 10.75" (BD) 4"

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