In fact, when you bought your first guitar you probably didn’t give the need for a protective suit a single thought.  You either breathed a sigh of relief to learn your instrument came with a freebie, or you reluctantly coughed up a few extra dollars to buy the equivalent cheap chipboard case or thin dust-cover bag.

In retrospect, you probably recognize the value a heartier bag would have provided – especially as you schlepped that instrument back and forth to lessons.  That’s where our UpStart Series bag comes in.  In this bag, we utilize our HardCell™ foam to provide a huge step up in protection over the stand-by flimsy entry-level bag – without a huge jump in entry-level bag price.


But now things have changed.  You’ve fallen in love with your guitar and value it for more than the money it cost you.  You’re a more active musician and have started to sweat over any risky situation to which your instrument is exposed.  You need a dependable case or a gig bag, and you want solid quality and reliability but don’t want to invest a penny more than what’s needed to achieve that truly ‘breathe-easy’ level of protection.

With our Stage One series, we’ve ensured that every player can have professional-level protection at an affordable price.  In fact, our Stage One gig bag is so well engineered that is has become the most-copied bag/case design in the history of our industry – often sold as a deluxe model in competitors’ lines.  By utilizing our OEM assets and know-how and eschewing fashion for function, we’re able to deliver extraordinary protection and convenience at the lowest price possible.


Now you’ve become an even more active player and are constantly in and out of vehicles and venues with your guitar.  The number of risky situations your instrument faces has increased.  Or maybe your feelings for your instrument have blossomed beyond love.  It’s become a part of your very existence and the thought of it coming to harm causes you to lose what little bit of sleep your musician lifestyle affords you.

For Stage Three, we had to invent a whole new bag category to eclipse the protection level of our hardy Stage One gig bags.  So, we added steroids to our Stage One products and launched the Hard Bag/Hybrid Bag evolution.  Features like polymer panels in the foam shell of our Stage Three Hard Bag and thicker plywood and archtop lids in the Stage Three case really up the protection factor in this stage.  The exteriors also get seriously tough and the number and quality of amenities (neck supports, pockets, etc.) increase at this level, too.


Now you’ve seen even greater success and have invested some serious coin (and memories) into your instrument.  Or maybe your risk factor sky rockets – like checking that beauty through airline baggage handling.  You’ve considering hiring an armed guard escort for your axe, but the TSA has rejected your plan. 

With our Stage Five Series, we’ve obliterated existing “maximum protection” boundaries with an innovative design that includes custom-silhouette inserts which leave your guitar zero room to move.  The Stage Five products feature even tougher shells with dual archtop sides on the cases and TSA approved locks on the bags.  We’ve also improved the presentation elements in this series just beyond function and a little into indulgence with more luxurious linings and extra sharp-looking exterior finishes.


While we hyper-focus on functionality in our ACCESS bag and case designs, we recognize that sometimes… well, you just want a really cool bag.  There’s nothing cooler than an authentic leather gig bag handmade by the skilled German crafters at Harvest Fine Leather.  These one-of-a-kind bags are available in an array of finishes and colors presenting in styles from classic vintage to sleek elegance.  Sturdy fittings and solid protective features ensure the bags’ protection factor matches the style factor.  We’re proud to be one of very few US companies to carry the Harvest Fine Leather lines of gig bags and guitar straps.

Icon Design

Excellent Design

We take our years of experience as musicians, take feedback from our large user-base, and combine that with years of craftsmanship to create the most usable, intuitive designs.

Quality Manufacturing

Quality Manufacturing

We’ve built an extensive manufacturing infrastructure that we personally oversee, the result is that we can deliver the highest quality with our durable products.

Superb Value

Superb Value

The result of our design and manufacturing is superb value. It’s a value that the customer can feel, a value that makes our dealers look good, and a value that doesn’t break the bank.