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The ACCESS Story

ACCESS Bags and Cases evolved from years of experience designing and producing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products for many of the Music Products Industry’s leading brands. Chances are you own and use music accessory products made by ACCESS for one of our many OEM partners. The same focus on quality, value and innovation that’s guided our OEM manufacturing for more than 20 years is the cornerstone of every ACCESS product and that commitment is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

The ACCESS mission: Offer musicians the finest guitar bags and cases to satisfy their needs at every stage of their musical journey.


Guitar Cases

In 2004, ACCESS introduced Stage One™: the first traditional real wood, full-featured hardshell guitar case retailing for under $100.00. Thanks to our OEM economies-of-scale, the Stage One line continues to evolve and improve.

Stage Three™ & Stage Five™ hardshell guitar cases are designed and built to exceed the needs of the world’s most demanding guitar builders. The incorporation of proprietary blends of hardwood plies in the shells and open and closed-cell foam in the interiors provide superior strength and protection at an affordable price-point. Every Stage Three and Stage Five case features the removable HeelPad™ to insure a custom fit for every style of acoustic guitar.

CoverRing™ sealed seam process secures and seals the seam of the exterior covering material on Access cases. The exterior covering seam line on traditional wooden hardshell cases is a problem area. These seam lines usually meet at the bottom edge of the case. That’s a high-contact area and when the exterior material gets snagged or the glue weakens, the covering will separate. Our solution was to first move the covering seam up the sidewall of the case and away from the vulnerable bottom edge. We then seal the seam line using the CoverRing™ process. Problem solved.

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Guitar Bags

These bags hold your instrument in outstanding, durable protection. Musicians will also love the amount of accessories and other things you can fit in all the divided front pockets. Most of the time, when we carry these bags around town, we throw in some sheet music, cables, tuner, picks, strings, strap, and find that all of them fit quite well in the front pocket assemblies.

ACCESS introduced the use of composite blends of foam in its Stage One™ bags, providing guitarists professional-grade protection at popular prices.

ACCESS pioneered hybrid guitar bag technology with Stage Three™ and Stage Five™. Proprietary HT™ (Hybrid Transporter™) Type-1 & Type-2 shells combine layers of composite foam with solid barriers to produce the first real hard bag. Innovative features like MagBag™ magnetic strap keepers, MicroBall™ neck yokes, HeadLock™ neck fasteners and Brandit™ accessory pockets raise the bar for the hybrid bag category.

We're confident that musicians will enjoy these instrument bags for years-to-come. Many of us around the office still have the early-version designs from over 20 years ago. And we've been continuing to drive the product forward, adding many improvements and incorporating feedback from our dedicated users.

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Gear Bags

Before the introduction of the original ACCESS Personal FX Musician’s Carry-all in 1987, the guitar accessory bag market was quite limited: Gym, duffle, paper or plastic.

After more than 20 years, the original PFX1 is still the undisputed king of accessory bags. This innovative bag has several large, zippered compartments. We then throw in many velcro dividers that you can use to customize the bag in a myriad of configurations to fit any type of gear you may be holding. We've seen it used as an accessory bag for roadies, a camera bag for photographers, a tool bag, a crafts bag, and much more.

We also have bags like the BackStage™ Case Cover. This cover is a rugged exterior that goes over your guitar case and protects it from wear-and-tear. A closed-cell foam core provides an added layer of shock absorption, and adjustable backpack straps add convenience and mobility.

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