About Us


The beginning of our story is a familiar one. A couple of professional musicians meet while horse-trading equipment and instruments and strike up a friendship. Soon, they find that their knowledge, talent and enthusiasm meet a need in the local music scene, and the friendship expands into business ventures.


One of our first goals – find a better way to transport the plethora of gear we needed to and from music gigs than the current makeshift choices… duffle-bags, overstuffed guitar cases, even plastic grocery bags in a pinch.  Who better to design a musician’s carry-all than a couple of old pros?  We dumped out the contents of our current carry-all’s (ie. our guitar cases) and took inventory.  Everything in that pile was vital.  Everything in that pile needed a spot in the new carry-all.  And everything in that pile needed to be easily accessible in the finished product.

The PFX1 Musician’s Carry-All featured a custom-configurable, triple-tier, multi-entry design built with high-quality construction courtesy of our Music Express resources. It was so well-engineered that in 30 years, the only major design change to “The Ultimate Roadie Bag” has been the addition of a pocket for your iPad.

And yes, we’re still building it. And yes, it is still available!


The PFX1 was just the first of the music industry accessories we manufactured.  By 1994, we founded Music Express, an OEM/ODM design and manufacturing group serving the music products industry.  Music Express has evolved into a leading global supplier to many of the music and pro audio industry’s premier brands. We design and manufacture bags, cases and carrier systems for keyboards, pro audio and woodwinds & brass, stands & support hardware, wire & cable, miscellaneous guitar accessories and turnkey stringed instrument and drum product lines.


And guitar bags and cases?  Absolutely.   Having established ourselves as knowledgeable and reputable manufacturers with highly innovative and skilled designers, heavy-hitters in the guitar industry sought us out to design and build their guitar cases and gig bags for years… Fender, Gibson, Taylor, Breedlove, Larrivee and Yamaha – just to name a few.  And we became (we’ve become?) one of the biggest suppliers of guitar bags and cases in the industry.


In 2003, we finally succumbed to a growing desire to apply some of our carefully-engineered, cutting-edge innovations to our own brand.  After producing hundreds of thousands of guitar bags and cases for a long list of blue chip brands, we established ACCESS Bags and Cases.


Like all new businesses – of course, ‘new’ being a relative term here – we wanted to distinguish our brand from others on the market.  To that end…

Light bulb with a guitar in it

We ensure ACCESS Bags and Cases remains at the forefront of affordable protection innovation by continuing to improve our designs utilizing our Music Express resources to incorporate new technologies and ideas. Upgrading to ultra-thick closed-cell foam in lining and pioneering the hard-bag technology are early examples of ways ACCESS paved the way for industry changes that followed.


We established a baseline product (Stage One Series) that was on par with the ‘deluxe’ models of most other brands.  Following a VERY GOOD, BETTER, BEST escalation, we’re employing more of our innovations to introduce a BEST line (Stage Five) with a protection factor beyond anything currently available.

Classy, minimalist looking product with high-quality construction and a very friendly price tag.

We also looked to differentiate ACCESS bags and cases by steering clear of flash and trends and focusing investment where it counts – on protection.  The result is a classy, minimalist looking product with high-quality construction and a very friendly price tag.

ACCESS bags and cases can only be purchased directly from us through our website or from one of our specialty dealers.

Finally, we leveled the playing field for our distributors by opting not to sell through big box stores.  We offer our quality line of products as a private label for boutique music shops only.  As such, ACCESS bags and cases can only be purchased directly from us through our website or from one of our specialty dealers.

Of course, we back up our products with a Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.  And perhaps more importantly, we offer an incredible US-based customer-service support team.  That means that when you call us, the phone is answered – and by a human being!  Our design team absolutely rocks, too – though in a different way, because they all ACTUALLY rock as everyone of them is a musician.  The combined number of performance and recording years between them spans decades, and we always have easy access to their knowledgable and understanding to help with technical questions.

We honestly love to hear your ideas as customer feedback is a key component of our design.  With direct-access to our OEM resources, we can (and do) tweak and update designs regularly, capitalizing on new innovations and keeping our products fresh.

Like they say, when you love what you do it’s not really work.

Our story continues…